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Get Gourmet Beef Jerky Delivered to Your Office

Hi I’m Rick Baker Owner of Simple Jerky here in San Antonio. I’d like to tell you a new way to get gourmet beef jerky delivered to your office every month. Beef jerky monthly!

  • Do you like to try new flavors every month?
  • Would you like a healthy alternative to traditional snacks (no more sugar crashes)
  • Stop traveling for hours to get great beef jerky

Get great tasting Texas beef jerky delivered to your office.

Reasons to get beef jerky delivered to your office.

-No late afternoon productivity losses and mood killing side effects (i.e. food comas and sugar crashes) of other office snack foods

-Employees get legitimately excited about trying new jerky every month. Here’s what Paul¬†from Baker Restoration¬†said about our latest jerky delivery: “My employees love to get beef jerky every month! They look forward to trying different flavors of beef jerky”

Yea, I know its from my brother. But like I said its a new service!

Are you ready to sign up? Give me a call for a sample?

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Gourmet beef jerky for your customers

We can also setup a display so you can offer delicious gourmet beef jerky to your customers!

Beef Jerky Monthly