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Best beef jerky in Texas

We haven’t been selling beef jerky for very long but we believe we have a great tasting beef jerky. Our beef jerky is loaded with flavor. With several flavors available Simple Jerky is bound to have a beef jerky flavor that you’ll love. Below is just a few of the flavors available.

Beef jerky flavors:

  • Original peppered beef jerky
  • BBQ Mesquite beef jerky
  • Volcanic Jalapeno
  • Orange Teriyaki
  • Sweet and Spicy
  • Jalapeno flavored bacon jerky
  • Sriracha flavored bacon jerky

Liquor flavored beef jerky

  • Whiskey flavored beef jerky
  • Rum flavored beef jerky
  • Beer flavored beef jerky
  • Tequila flavored beef jerky

We love eating and selling beef jerky! So if you would like us to ship to your office on a monthly basis we can do that.

Our favorite way to sell beef jerky is thru fundraisers. Our fundraising program is great because there is no out of pocket money on your organization or school program. Give me a call at 210-896-8359 or email at