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Delicious Beef Jerky San Antonio Texas


Get three (3) bags of our delicious best Texas beef jerky! It’s a great deal for only $5.99 per bag.

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A bite of the best Texas beef jerky with one of our products will leave your body longing for more and a lasting taste in your mouth. At Simple Jerky our unique aromatic flavor, affordability, and availability of our beef jerky are simply irresistible. Many customers love it because it’s being prepared by well trained and highly talented cooks. Simple Jerky’s simplicity and deliciousness earned it the unique name. Our beef jerky is a delectable combination of ingredients of low-sodium and low-fat snack that is faultless for a quick burst of energy.

You can count on our product for your hunger satisfaction. Especially when your on a trip, outdoor trail, kayaking and fishing, for parties for amazingly unique and savory flavors. Simple Jerky is tender, wholesome and satisfying. Also, Simple Jerky has no preservatives, hormones, and MSG, so it is 100 percent prepared naturally and with local ingredients.

For a delightful and tasty beef, euphoric feeling that reaches the soul; Jerky beef thrilling experience will be there whenever you want and is yours to have.

When checking out please provide the flavors of beef jerky you’d like. If you leave no comment then Original Peppered will be shipped to you.

Flavors available: Original Peppered, BBQ Mesquite and Sriracha flavored bacon jerky


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Best Texas Beef Jerky

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